Letter from Brooklyn was conceived on a weekend journey to upstate New York.  Out of her love for design and print, Amy bought her first letterpress, a Chandler & Price…and she needed Ryan to drive the 10 hours from their Brooklyn loft and heft it into the car.

The pursuit of a letterpress studio was strong in Amy’s mind, and creatively was the perfect supplement to her already successful career as a textile designer.  While setting up the studio, Ryan took an immediate interest in the techniques of letterpress…the precision and power of such beautiful machinery.

Letter from Brooklyn became two…

Since that day, we have expanded our studio to include a Vandercook Universal I, and an intern who works for kibble…our Boston Terrier, Harvey.  We are continually committing ourselves to producing beautiful designs, while learning as much as possible about the history and process of printing.

In today’s age of social networking and digital imagery, the reemergence of physical goods is becoming a coveted commodity.  Letterpress is an extension of this physical world.  We hope that when you see and touch one of our prints, you will feel a reconnect with a simpler time. We know that we do.